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Originally Posted by Ensign James T. Kirk View Post
Uh...who is Zardoz?

*runs and hides*

Or more like....

Originally Posted by starwarsrcks View Post
Hello Zardoz how's things
I am well, how are you?

Originally Posted by The Guardian View Post
Oh I'm still around. I Hope all is well with you? Say "Hi" to everyone at StarTrekkers for me!
Things are good. I will say hi for you. I do hope we'll see you there again one day.

Originally Posted by starbase63 View Post
Zardoz is...Zardoz.

That is all that matters.

Yield to the Power.
Truer words have never been said! LOL!!!

Originally Posted by kevin View Post
And bring an apple as well.........just for an extra offering!
Definatletly never hurts!! ROFL!!!

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