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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
Well, Minority Report is the typical end result of Spielberg magic, not an eternal masterpiece but a well-balanced, intelligent and entertaining movie.
Yup, certainly is. I was surprised that he chose Tom Cruise to star in his film. It was a really good choice. Also, I feel like he was also a little influenced by The Matrix style and how in the end, everything becomes more clear and colorful to the audience like it does in the end of Revolutions.

One interesting problem with the film though, was the look of Washington, D.C. If you look at the city and how it was all futuristic with those cars driving on the walls and all, and look at how Washington looked like at the end, isn't there a huge difference? At the end of the film right by the monument, you see the cityscape as it looks in the present time, and when you see him in the apartment of the person he was supposed to kill, Leo Crow, the buildings outside the windows look totally normal. Yet, if this was to take place in the future, you'd think that all the city scape would look the same and not just that one area was near Pre-Crime H.Q.
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