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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
I admired Inception and it's intentions, however it's not a film I'm ever going to 'love'. As mind-twisters go it's ok but not really as grandly original as I was lead to believe going in. Unfortunately I think Nolan has been so busy working on the mind-twister side of the story that he's been sitting on that he forgot to craft characters that I (and others going by some of the reviews I've read) could actually care about.
Brace yourself....I agree.
I admire the Inception concept and intentions. I don't think it was intending to to work a mind twisting story style. In fact I know that wasn't his intention the editing is too perfect. He doesn't resort to the standard rapid sucession scene cuts like in the crux of Prestige or like the Movie Minority report. He's not trying to confuse you...he's creating a multilayered drama that works in sync.

That being said I wasn't impressed. It was good...but not impressive. Is it me or have wee seeen this in Star Trek done better? TNG Frame of Mind. But in that episode they were trying to create a mystery, Inception isn't a mystery.

Which is not to say I didn't like it - it gets the brain gears moving, it invites discussion and it will for years to come. That's hardly ever a bad thing. And I'll go and see it again soon to see what happens on reviewing it with knowledge of the whole thing.
I also agree.
Now, I know already that I'm going to be in the minority on this movie because I shall be in the side of appreciating it technically but not thinking it's actually quite as good as the majority will claim it is - or rather, are already claiming it is on the wider web amongst reviewers both professional and armchair.
I had the same reaction almost exactly.

The Matrix comparison is probably not entirely unfounded - but then again, I think The Matrix movies suck and have done since 1999 so.........
It's not entirely unfounded but the Matix clearly did it far better. The Matrix intro was gradual, weird and mysterious. There was a creative depiction between the green Matrix and the Blue real World. Frankly Matrix was technically the perfect movie with one small glaring flaw...That people die when dying in the Matrix. But the Brothers needed a sense of peril in the movie and it was the only way to do it.

Inception counters that wonderfully but the movie wasn't SURREAL like a dream....even though the Matrix was merely a program reality. In Inception one couldn't truly control the dream in the SURREAL way that you could in Matrix. The movie was grounded in reality and the problem is that dreams are frequently SURREAL and most people report abstract dreaming sostrange things happening shouldn't attract the attention of the subconcious (I'm just picking but it didn't seem right to me..

The movie was very straight forward.
It shouldn't confuse you if you're paying attention at all.

What I love about the movie WHAT THAT SHINZON CAN ACTUALLY ACT!!!!!! (Which is quite the revelation for me.)

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