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Originally Posted by jla1987 View Post
You know what else is crazy? Akiva co-wrote Batman Forever and Batman & Robin...:/

I love Minority Report. IMO, it's Spielberg's last great film as I have yet to see anything since that has topped it. I would like to see A.I. someday, just haven't managed to catch it in it's entirety.
A.I. in my opinion, was a complete waste of time. I didn't like it at all and the parts that I did like barely lasted and it just all ended up in a blur. I wasn't a fan and it just dragged on and on for no reason. I mean, if you are watching a movie that surpasses two hours, and you don't realize it because you are so caught up in the movie, that's a good thing. But if you are watching a movie that is endless and endless, that's a bad thing. To be honest, as much as I liked Inception, I did find myself glancing at my watch at times.
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