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Yeah, it's not a bad film at all. It's an interesting couplet to A:I Artificial Intelligence his other sci-fi film just prior.

It has some issues around the slightly by-the-numbers conspiracy plot and yep, the ending is a cop-out for me (but it's Spielberg and he just can't not bolt on a syrupy ending anymore. Not that I believe he actually wants to these days to be honest) in a couple of ways.

But in it's depiction of the future and as a sci-fi film it's definitely not bad. It has some interesting sci-fi style 'what if?' questions within it. And even if the were not all addressed brilliantly due to the thriller mechanics at play it probably has aged better than would have been expected back in 2002 when it first was released. Though I don't believe it was a flop or anything in terms of box-office revenues vs budget.

Put it this way, I reckon it's aged better than 2004's I, Robot.
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