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Default Minority Report

I was watching Minority Report last night with my friend and I've got to say it is and was a movie before it's time. I thought the plot was well thought out and I wish the movie came out a little later like perhaps around 2006 or '07. The movie, in my mind, is underrated and I'm not sure how well it did in the box office, but since it was a Spielberg film, I'm not surprised if the sales did well. This is the only film I like Tom Cruise in and I feel the story didn't drag on at all. Max Von Sydow played a character he is good at countless times, a creepy old man and the plot twist at the end he delivers is surprising. If you haven't seen this movie, I suggest you check it out at least once. The ending I felt could have been better, but that's to be expected since most movies always have better beginnings than they do endings.

This was Spielberg's swansong to good directing in my opinion.
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