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I admired Inception and it's intentions, however it's not a film I'm ever going to 'love'. As mind-twisters go it's ok but not really as grandly original as I was lead to believe going in. Unfortunately I think Nolan has been so busy working on the mind-twister side of the story that he's been sitting on that he forgot to craft characters that I (and others going by some of the reviews I've read) could actually care about.

Which is not to say I didn't like it - it gets the brain gears moving, it invites discussion and it will for years to come. That's hardly ever a bad thing. And I'll go and see it again soon to see what happens on reviewing it with knowledge of the whole thing.

The upshot being that (no spoilers - but much of the discussion subsequent to people viewing the film is around the meaning (or meanings) of the whole film implied by the final scene) when I don't have a good reason to actually care which of the main options it might be the film has failed.

Now, I know already that I'm going to be in the minority on this movie because I shall be in the side of appreciating it technically but not thinking it's actually quite as good as the majority will claim it is - or rather, are already claiming it is on the wider web amongst reviewers both professional and armchair.

The Matrix comparison is probably not entirely unfounded - but then again, I think The Matrix movies suck and have done since 1999 so.........
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