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Originally Posted by HRH The KING View Post
The Tim Burton movies are the best.

Once they switched direction in "Batman Forever", the franchise lost all direction.

I liked "Batman Begins" as well. It takes the franchise back to the dark style of the Burton films but adds more grit and realism to it. I loved the explanations in "Batman Begins" for where Batman gets his car, suit, technology etc...from

"Batman Forever" and "Batman and Robin" are just terrible.

The old TV show was crap camp rubbish.
I found batman forever worked because it decided to be camp not half dark and half camp as were the burton films. I prefer dark but the films need to be either or.

I don't like Burton's stylization either, every movie he does looks exactly the same. Depp looks almost the same in Sweeny Todd and he does in Edward Scissorhands and not much different to how he looks in any burton film.

I don't know how he gets to keep making films as it seems he has more misses than hits.

Batman Begins to me is the only serious version of Batman that has been done.
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