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His hands were "normal": Four fingers and an oppositional thumb, as "humanoid" peoples usually are. Then to say, that his feet should be similar in design. (except for the oppositional thumb)

Then again.............................How do we even know that he had "feet"? Could have just as easily been another set of "hands" disguised as "feet". (Picked his nose with his "toes" then?)

I just thought of that guy in "Quantum of Solace" who sliced his foot open with an axe. (e-youch!) I bet he could have then worn a set of those boots! (or one boot for that foot!)
Then there was that crewman in STVI who (Chekov?) tried to place at the scene of the murder of the Klingon Chancellor based on the "boots" found. Turned out that the dude's feet were not at all what one would expect!
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