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I have to say, that I really did like this aspect of the film.

Previously in Trek we've always had the spick 'n' span all the time sort of visual ethos (which was an edict going all the way back to 'The Cage' in fact and is perfectly choosable) but as in real life it's the marks left that give people their connection to an object, and the memories that it evokes.

Also, in real life things simply pick up marks, dents, scratched and all that anyway no matter what people do to keep them neat. Everything picks up dents marks and what-not (including people!!) and it's what gives them character.

Like a mark on a piece of furniture, or the cumulative ageing of a family heirloom passed down over the years with stories attached to it. That's why Mal was so drawn to the Serenity in that junkyard after all!

I rather liked that the depiction of the Kelvin showed us she had lived - had had past adventures that left their mark on her, or that just time had passed and that there were stories of her life that we'll likely never know. I kinda hope that as the new Enterprise has her adventures some leave their mark on her that give her a past, a character and a story all her own.
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