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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
To be honest, I didn't get a Firefly vibe from it, if anything I got a vaguely more rebooted Battlestar Galactica feel about some of it.

Must go back and take a look at Firefly though to see if I see anything though..........apart from Jewel Staite!
I didn't get or make a connection either until I was watching "Serenity" on my new "Droid" phone,(Had to test out a movie...). It was then that I "saw" some similar use of sets. Perhaps it was the (open) low-tech use of walkways and ladders, along with the ships "plumbing and electrical": a very simple (for Serenity), yet more elaborate, though still "open" use of backspaces for Kelvin, Enterprise. Kelvin's look was dirtier and more used than Enterprise's fresh off the assembly line look, but in several years may have taken on that dirtier, more gritty appearance, which is just a natural sign of use. Would be bad to think of the "E" having, after many years, a look that had become, through long use, more like the Kelvin's. Would be like any other setting for that type of construction: attention to the minutest details of cleanliness at first, gradually diminishing over time to the encroachment of age. But like Kelvin, Serenity was still a tough ship, though in a lesser state of repair.
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