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I think that the stylistic anachronisms of Firefly were intentional and a consequence of the basic idea of the show, it's a Western in the future which is the underlying anachronism and the cause of all the more superficial ones. Unlike Trek it is a conservative show and that's why there was for example this large (wasn't it also wooden?) table in the social room of the ship, a place where the "family" can gather.
In ST09 the basic idea which caused the industrial look of engineering was identification via realism and hyperzoom. You get immediately thrown into the action, you can identify with all the characters, you get wet eyes when George Kirk dies during the birth of his child ... and sets which look familiar and immediately reveal what their purpose it fit well into this immediacy of the movie.
That's why I think that they will look more futuristic if the next movie is more distanced.

You got something similar in Nolan's Batman movies, Gotham City looks conventionally dark and gritty in Batman Begins but in Dark Knight the audience needs to identify with the city which the Joker is about to destroy, so that's why it looks brighter and nicer.

Anyway, I still care more about the engineer than about engineering.

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