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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
I don't think that the designs have that much in common, the new Enterprise looks industrial whereas the Serenity looks rugged and dirty but not precisely industrial, i.e. not like a real-word factory.
Engineering looked kinda weird in "Firefly" but my memories are faint as I focused more on the engineer than on the set.
As you say, but there were a lot of similarities between Enterprise STXI engineering sections (more like the Kelvin's) and the main "guts" of Serenity. Neither really what might be called 24th century design by our visions, but yes "rugged" and aged: built like an older brick "out-house" with an emphasis on an iron and steel "look". Even Serenity's kitchen and sleep area sets were dressed 20th-21st century design. Maybe that is part of what I see, just a type of construction that does not really fit the time visually, but is tried and true.

The engineer was quite a "Scotty" in knowledge about a ship and engine she could never get the correct parts for to make Serenity 100%, yet keep running anyway. Though beautiful in it's own way, it could never hold a candle to the engineer!
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