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Default Some similarities between Serenity design and Star Fleet design (Enterprise)

After getting my mind wound around the series "FireFly", "Serenity" in particular, I noticed more than a passing similarity of the industrial look between the ship "Serenity" and her internal layout pf walkways, ledders, steps, plumbing, and other things vs. a similar type of layout, though on a larger scale of the engineering areas/internals of the "E".

Not a particular pro or con of the design, but was there was a precedent set for "industrial" design/look by "FireFly" and "Serenity" that was a reason for it appearing in ST? Did anyone else ever notice the similarities?

On a lighter observation...
Serenity did not have a nice shiny "brewery" for an engine room, as the Enterprise did: It looked more like a "still" in comparason! I do love the "no frills" look of Serenity though. Tough little ship!
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