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Well, I think that Kirk can be slimly justified due to David. I don't entirely buy it as an excuse for him to want the whole race dead, but in the grander scheme of things I give it the general benefit of the doubt. I do believe it's inconsistent with TFF but events are depicted as they are depicted.

The problem is making that so for all the others as well. It isn't a fit for them. Unless they are all feeling David's death but let's put into perspective the fact even Kirk hardly even knew 'my son' before his untimely death so even at that Fatherly grief causing hatred and the crew following him too also pushes things too far.

They would have to have always been like that, I feel - but they never were previously. And where characters did say anything that could be construed that way, they were generally checked for their words and not seemingly freely permitted to say them.

Meyer definitely has a foot in the literary past (that's fine, except as noted, when, for example Klingons randomly start spouting Shakespeare. I've never been entirely convinced that added depth to the character but I suspect Meyer believes otherwise and, well, it's his movie at the end of the day so.....) and it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't.

The revising of Starfleet in TWOK to an 1805 Hornblower/Jack Aubrey vibe worked for that film (it's ultimately as inconsistent as the shift between TOS and TMP but it ended up working in that particular film) but you have to try and keep in mind it's also the future that you're meant to be depicting.

Funnily enough, I was listening to Meyer today on the 1951 'The Day The Earth Stood Still' DVD commentary and he talked a little about his working on the Trek films and how he had wanted to introduce less 'sterility' into Trek - he used the example of Kirk holding and reading a physical book, and wanting things like realer buttons on consoles and tangible, tactile things - and he did that. The weird thing is, that's not a million miles away from what Abrams wanted to do visually as well. Just the method of showing it differs maybe.

But that was always a general bugbear of mine in later Trek anyway - how everyone in TNG onwards (and parts of the films) were all so obsessed with the 20th Century!! TOS never needed that and they still were able to do stories about racism and contemporary (then) issues.
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