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It is not just a theory, it is the only perspective from which TFF becomes close to endurable.

Well, the lack of in-between-movies consistency is a problem of single movies so perhaps it is not a bad idea to now do a lose trilogy once again?
If I understood you correctly one problem at which you are hinting are Meyer's racistified characters in themselves but also that they seem unnatural:

In TWOK the bad guy identified himself with Ahab and quoted Melville, it was a bit stylized but still OK.
In TVH Spock said something like "judging by the pollution content in the atmosphere we have arrived in the late 20th century" and you realize that this is a Meyerian line which is great but an overuse would again create an artificial atmosphere.
In TUC he went went too far. The Klingon villain randomly quotes Shakespeare, Spock quotes Doyle and refers to 20th century Earth history, Chekov talks about Cinderella, the Klingon chancellor looks a bit like Lincoln ... it becomes too stylized.

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