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Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
Well, while most fans might think of Star Wars as the first thing to come to their minds when you mention 20th CF and sci-fi in the same breath, there are plenty more sci-fi that Fox has had under its belt....

....then again, there was the Firefly debacle.
Now Firefly was a good series. I would attribute the debacle to programing and yes, support, or lack of it, from Fox. "Serenity" was an even better movie, but it just did not perform well (enough) in return of box office $$$. One can only wish for another movie!

I always felt it could have been the "darker" side of Federation settlements, really out on the "frontier", so to speak, as the series seemed to be. Not quite as comfy as the settled areas of the Fed.

Of course there was always the "Alliance", a seemingly darker version of the Federation.

Those "Fruity-Oaty" bars are pretty tasty!
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