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Originally Posted by starbase63 View Post
Just as ironic how CBS, who turned down Gene Roddenberry's pitch for Star Trek in the early 60's because they already had "Lost In Space" now owns the franchise...
I saw a copy of the pilot for LIS. The pilot was cleverly interlaced with the aired introduction to the series, much like the original ST pilot "The Cage". Though "The Cage" can stand on its own and still fit, in my opinion, into TOS canon, the pilot to LIS was so unlike the finished product, it could never be seen as a stand-alone episode. The addition of Dr. Smith in the televised version created a more sinister situation, though the series was still "campy".

When it was first on TV, I was just old enough to enjoy it and still pick it apart for it's scientific inaccuracies. I was watching it the night that the Gemini mission crewed with the future 1st man to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong, had to make an emergency landing due to a thruster problem. If the news had been concerning anything else, I might have been mad about the interruption of the episode. That was a long time ago!
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