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Originally Posted by starbase63 View Post
I guess MGM doesn't want to share Bond with another production company or companies?

Paramount shared Star Trek with Spyglass for the latest movie...

James Bond has always been a moneymaker for MGM/United Artists, it seems odd they'd shelf something that could help their difficulties.
Their $4 Billion in debt - they seemingly don't have the money to put any projects in motion nor do they have anyone willing to give them the money to.

Plus, a James Bond film is these days an exorbitantly costly film (Quantum was reported to cost $200 million before promotion/advertising was spent on as well) to produce and would do very little to solve their issues on it's own. And at that kind of cost it's 2008 earnings of less than $600 million are unlikely to have made it profitable on it's theatrical run, though I have no idea what it earned on DVD/Blu-Ray etc.

The rights may have to transfer to get things going again.
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