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Originally Posted by Captain Tom Coughlin View Post
well that ship was pretty wet.
A bit off subject, but the size of the ship vs the size of the a more real could a ship of that size be properly maintained over the amount of time Nero was waiting on Spock? Systems should have been quite degraded by the time they attacked Vulcan.

I just took that as a reason that the ship was so "dirty" and ships systems seemingly strung together. Albeit the ship was originally a mining ship and we can't really count the ship being Borg-enhanced as in the pre-story in the prime universe.

Which gets back to the fact that how could the movie have properly explained a mining vessel being converted into a poorly maintained weapon of war and still kick most of Star Fleet's butt? I could have understood a better transition to the movie version if Nero had just "taken" an advanced Romulian ship while he was in the prime universe.

I'll post in another thread for anyones reply!
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