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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
No idea but I find the idea of an offspring of Saavik and the katra-less Spock a bit disturbing. A bit like getting impregnated by a zombie.
In the movie, katra-less Spock seemed to have some kind of conscious, though it would have been more of an instinctive reaction to surroundings. He was "aware" of Saavik and did participate in the "ritual" as she showed him to do. My guess is that Spock's original katra was combined with the new one and since the new one was un(der)developed, it was the dominant. I suppose that what ever the regenerated Spock felt before the original Spock was "returned" was retained. The regenerated Spock was not exactly as he was in "Spock's Brain". There McCoy had to create a device to make Spock self-mobile, though by remote control.

I just think of a clone of someone growing up separate from its source. The clone would, under normal development, "establish" it's own "soul", so to speak. In the movie, that body grew so fast, it did not have time to establish a true separate identity. Spock's katra just filled the void.
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