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It's definitely fun and perhaps all the sci-fi ideas about transcendence and non-corporeal beings are one potential end result of evolution.

There are even ideas that when lifeforms reach this stage they fill up the universe and basically become God which is a bit funky in terms of causality.

But what if this sweet-sounding, mystical idea isn't true and the end of revolution is Q, the boredom of the Gods?

But then again what if they both are the same, what if Q is the end result of humankind which would explain his interest in them? Or what if the Prophets from DS9 are highly evolved Bajorans? There we have again funky causality or to express it differently, the ending causes the beginning but without the beginning there would be not ending.

I think that this is an interesting God notion but this kind of stuff drives you half-lunatic if you think for too long about it.
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