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True, when Kepler wrote his Somnium nobody even imagined to be physically on the moon and three centuries later it became reality. That's why we always need visionaries and dreamers because, at least from my idealistic, rationalistic point of view, when you wanna progress and discover something new most of the times you first need an idea and not an observation.

But somehow I have the impression that we are approaching certain limits, natural limits or rather limitations of our intellect.
Just take quantum physics, zooming in closer and closer revealed that the world is fuzzy on hyperzoom. You could argue that God didn't take great care about the nuts and bolts on the very basic level because he never expected us to look there, or on a bit more profane level, that we simply cannot dig much deeper because our imagination fails us at some point.

Or take global warming, we don't experience it and cannot imagine that some ecosystems on Earth might get into trouble because, well, the bees, birds and flowers are out there, we see, hear and smell them. Hence the large number of sceptics and the equally large numbers of ecologists who summon armageddon visions to convince the sceptics (it is no coincidence that these very scientists get into religious waters, it becomes a matter of belief when it is not experienceable) ... and the truth gets lost in between those extremes.

But I am digressing, the shorter version is that our technology grows much faster than our brain and while this is no problem per se as not everybody needs to understand everything, the slow brain growth might become a constraining factor at some moment.

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