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Originally Posted by Quark View Post
I can agree with you on that statement! Haha! I think the novel of Trek V explained how Enterprise was able to get to the center so fast, but I forgot the quote, in addition to how it was possible. They should have used it to explain how they got there so fast. Darn, why did Scotty have to bump his head! lol It's like a slap in the face on Shatner's part: "Okay, let's find a way to knock Scotty unconscious so we can just skip the possibility of having a logical reason as to how Enterprise get's to the great barrier so fast."

*Info on the novel on Memory Alpha
Yeah, but it wasn't really an 'explanation' by any stretch of the imagination. Or, I guess one might say it was a standard Trek explanation!!!!

From the movies MA entry -
Another oddity in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier is the Enterprise's trip to the center of the galaxy, which should have taken many years but seemed to occur in less than a day. In the novelization of Star Trek V, it is mentioned that Sybok's tinkering allows them to decrease their travel time. The Bird-of-Prey scans the Enterprise during their pursuit and is able to duplicate their rate of travel as well as Sybok's shield modifications allowing them to penetrate the Barrier.

A deflector shield modification that also conveniently managed to radically increase the ships speed to get to the centre of the Galaxy in hours instead of far, far longer. Sounds like a Trek tech plan to me!

Hey! I didn't know Shatner won a Golden Razzie triple for the flick!
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