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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
What did you not buy about an attack on Earth? [...]
But I can't convince you that ENT hasn't sprung out of the mind of DoubleU himself so feel free to continue to play this pathetic good liberal TNG vs. bad conservative ENT game.

By the way, the Vulcan arc has nothing to do with the Xindi arc. Just sayin'.
I was talking about culture, iconography and how politics shape both and are inevietably reflected and present in popular culture. I speculated why the author of the linked article was right about TNG and terrorism and why people 'fail' to see it to be true: TNG spend indeed a great deal of episodes on the subject. So, what happened? Why do we nowadays look at TNG and overlook the references to terrorism? I speculated that we might not see it as references to terrorism because we dont recognize the iconography anymore, because the picture of terrorism changed. Thats all. And when iconography changes so drastically then it usually is the result of propaganda.

Concerning your ENT vs. TNG remarks: I never said TNG was 'liberal' as in Democratic Party or as in leftwing-pacifism. Dont know where you pull that from. I merely indicated that every Trek is a reflection of its own time.

By the way,we didnt talk about TOS and terrorism yet:

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