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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
Ah, the typical ENT bashing, it was all neocon propaganda.
ENT as well as the Dark Knight dealt with post 9/11 questions without being left or right. So perhaps you hated ENT's 3rd season because it wasn't leftish?
Nope. I was annoyed by it for many reasons. One being, that I was never a big fan of serialized story arcs that stretch over more then two or three episodes (same reason BSG lost me after a couple of episodes and so did Lost... it lost me). Second reason being that I never bought the whole WMD story. Thus seeing it being played to death on ENT was more then just a distraction and thats all the Xindi story ever was - Raiders of the lost WMDs.

As I found out much later, Enterprise delivered an "apology" for that with its Vulcan Arc (The Forge / Awakening / Kir'Shara).

However, my whole point was, that the picture of terrorism changed so much, that we easily overlook the many references of TNG to the topic of terrorism and assymetric warfare. TNG used the old iconography that just doesnt fit the new one which got shaped by the propaganda of the last 9 years. The effects of said propaganda are wearing of now, but slowly.

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