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Originally Posted by Botany Bay View Post
Like the second and especially the third season of Enterprise where actually more about WMD's and the Iraq-War then about terrorism.
Ah, the typical ENT bashing, it was all neocon propaganda.

If you had actually watched the entire third season (the Xindi arc appears in the 3rd season, not the 2nd one as you claim) you might have noticed that Archer talks with the reasonable Xindi species after he has discovered that they are just puppets and that humans and Xindi have a common enemy.

And concerning Archer's torturing, well, if my family/country/planet was threatened I wouldn't hesitate to torture and kill either.
I am no moral relativist and believe in good and evil. Commuists, nazis, neocons, autocrats and Al-Qaeda folks are evil while democrats and people who help the poor are good. You gotta fight against evil folks or be defeated by them ... or follow the current trend of not solving existing conflicts by being PC and tolerant and so on. I say screw tolerance, nobody needs to tolerate his enemy.
Back to Archer and his torture. Archer, this German police officer from Frankfurt (you might remember this case, he threatened to torture a kidnapper and reported himself afterwards) or Batman (not really Batman but rather his conscience Lucious Fox) in Dark Knight are all aware that their instance of breaking the rule is an exception and has to remain the exception.
That's a big difference to the scumbags who use torture regularly and institutionally.

ENT as well as the Dark Knight dealt with post 9/11 questions without being left or right. So perhaps you hated ENT's 3rd season because it wasn't leftish?

Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post

I have no use for them, save for being fertilizer in the ground.
What about the terrorists who founded the US aka founding fathers? One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.
Don't get me wrong, I don't condone the 9/11 criminals, on the contrary mass murderers are mass murderers. This case is crystal clear, these terrorists suck.
But if you take a look at Palestine or Northern Irish terrorists the waters become a bit muddy.
Or take dissidents in a tolaritarian regime, they are labeled terrorists by the ruling nazis/communists/autocrats. This case is crystal clear, these terrorists rule.

So I think that the term terrorist is too broad to be useful.
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