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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
Sure, DS9 had its dark moments as did ENT but in between there was VOY and four movies which don't fit the description of the article. One can blame Berman for many things but not for not having taken good care of the grail.

I have no high opinion of Moore, not because he isn't a good writer, he is in fact a very good one, but because he couldn't grasp the basic idea of Trek.
I am a hardcore Roddenberryian in this respect, if you cannot imagine the future to be better than today, don't work for this franchise. Of course this doesn't imply that you cannot or should not do dark stories, on the contrary.

Roddenberry wasn't a revisionist, TNG was merely a closer match for his vision than TOS. Ask any writer, the second book is usually better than the first one.
I don't think that Moore found it difficult to write for Trek per se - not any more than anyone else who wanted to explore the opposite side of the GR deal like Ira Steven Behr - but due to GR's lack of thought about how things tended to work it created valid issues.

We know that GR was the ideas man - he really didn't want to get bogged down in the minute details of how his future society really worked on more practical levels. He just wanted people to buy his proposition and not ask questions about it. But of course, fans ultimately start to ask such questions.

The problem is, of course, that as audiences develop (from the relatively simpler expectations of the 1960s) and as TV in general was required to provide more 'realistic' and/or gritty depictions of the environments they portrayed this is where GR's lack of details fell considerably short and left other writers with the problem of how to bridge the basic notions with the realities of writing TV shows in the 80s, 90s and beyond.

I can understand the frustrations of that. It's not that it's limiting, but it's very undefined and lacks clear guidance from the universe creator.

Even taking a very basic one like the 'no money' idea.

Great idea, we focus on other aspects of life's possibilities in the future. (I admit, I don't quite 'buy' all GR's ideas from TOS/TNG anymore the way I did as a youth (and even TBH) actively dislike one or two of them nowadays in respects of some of his notions about how humanity/Earth etc are in the future, but that's my issue, not anyone else's).

But then GR goes and contradicts himself by having many TOS/TNG episodes allude to economies, money and financial systems (even corporate entities) and that do seem to exist within the Federation. So it creates this 'which is it?' question that have to be worked around. To me, that's revising both himself and his ideas to suit later decisions made in his mind.
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