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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
Well, the timeline does fit with the creation of DS9 circa 1991 - which went in a whole direction viewed as very un-Gene Roddenberry and un-Star Trek by some fans because of where it went.

GR had several edicts that a lot of writers didn't like (Ronald D. Moore has been relatively vocal about them) but had to work with that fit his vision of Trek - or at least the one he was having that week due to his ever revisionist nature - so I think there's some slight merit in the darkness claim. Just a skoosh.

The terrorism thing? Yeah, not sure where he was on that at all.
Sure, DS9 had its dark moments as did ENT but in between there was VOY and four movies which don't fit the description of the article. One can blame Berman for many things but not for not having taken good care of the grail.

I have no high opinion of Moore, not because he isn't a good writer, he is in fact a very good one, but because he couldn't grasp the basic idea of Trek.
I am a hardcore Roddenberryian in this respect, if you cannot imagine the future to be better than today, don't work for this franchise. Of course this doesn't imply that you cannot or should not do dark stories, on the contrary.

Roddenberry wasn't a revisionist, TNG was merely a closer match for his vision than TOS. Ask any writer, the second book is usually better than the first one.
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