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Originally Posted by RedAlertRiker View Post
oh. oh. oh. ah. um. damnit. uhh...
*blushes like ive never blushed before*

my boss just caught me using paint to try to add me into voyager...

and she goes..what.....what are you doing? are you trying to add yourself into star trek!!!??? and.. and then she laughed. in a nice way but still. thats i feel so akward right now!!!!

awww...... *wimpers in embarassment*
hehe. That's sweet!

Well I recently told a lie to my mum. She said, you're not doing the Star Trek fanfiction are you and I said, No. And she just left it at that I don't know if she believes me! Doesn't matter I'm going back to New Zealand in a few days anyway.
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