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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
Oh hell! - now I need to hope the damn thing is actually decent!
As a certain TV producer once said (sometime after "Don't give them what they want"):

"You made this movie possible. This is your movie. Therefore, if it sucks... it's your fault. You let us down. But try not to dwell on that too much." [Not an exact quote]

Not seen The Expendables trailer yet. The only point of interest about it for me is that Buffy/Angel's Charisma Carpenter is supposed to have a role in it.
I didn't know that. There's nothing 'bad' about the trailer, it just doesn't speak to me. I completely flatlined. To me, that's a fairly good indicator of what the movie has to offer. But damn, Charisma Carpenter...

Trailers that 'grabbed' me this year were Kick-@$$, Iron Man 2, Killers, A-Team (yeah... I think) and *maybe* The Last Airbender. BTW Kick-@$$ was awesome if you can stomach the violence (and I usually can't). I went back to see it four more times.

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