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Originally Posted by samwiseb View Post
You've convinced me, Kevin. I never saw the show, but I've been bombarded by this trailer at every Kick-@$$ screening I've caught. And I actually really like the trailer, but my reaction has always been "it's another movie based some 'popular' TV show that 'nobody' I know ever actually watched." Except now, I can no longer say that.
Oh hell! - now I need to hope the damn thing is actually decent!

The law about TV-based movies tending to 'suck' notwithstanding (and let's be honest now, how many of our beloved Star Trek movies actually 'don't suck' from an objective non-fan standpoint? Like, four? Including the new one?), it's actually my belief that once you have a sucky movie, it's really hard to make a halfway decent trailer out of it.

There are exceptions... for example some talented editor was able to find all the right moments in the last Indiana Jones movie ("put your hands down, you're embarrassing us"). They were also dealing with a brand name, so the trailer did not have to present any kind of story. But Terminator Salvation proved to be every bit as boring as the trailer. And I can't even stay focused partway through The Expendables trailer I've seen almost a half dozen times now.
I actually thought the Terminator: Salvation trailer did a good job of making the film look good - then I saw it!

Not seen The Expendables trailer yet. The only point of interest about it for me is that Buffy/Angel's Charisma Carpenter is supposed to have a role in it.

So while part of me is thinking "great, can the Airwolf movie be far behind... why not CHiPs or TJ Hooker for that matter"... I'm also suddenly wondering if maybe there's something to this series after all. Sure, the flying tank is OTT. As you've pointed out, it's supposed to be. But the trailer is alive enough to hold my amusement for two minutes. The Dukes of Hazard trailer certainly didn't do that (although it somehow excited the rest of the theater audience).
I think it depends on the people doing it. Some people 'get' the show in question, or can adapt it for the big screen in the right way. Say with 'The Fugitive'.

But if it's not done by the right people then it ends up disappointing aka Dukes of Hazzard - and I'm sorry but Jessica Simpson was no Catherine Bach!

As a non-fan? I might actually see this.
Better get the caveats in here soon!
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