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I fully get what is being said though.

Many holdouts for old school Galactica prefer the sweeping themes of Stu Phillips' original score for the original show. (And Stu Phillips made some great music for that show). They listen to Bear McCreary's score (another brilliant set of themes when you listen to it on CD) and think that all it is is Taiko drums and minimalistic musical tones.

This guy just had an axe to grind, and no one to bury it in.

If anyone else gets a chance, check out Bear McCreary's scores for the new Battlestar's some really cool music. And even his redux of the original Battlestar Galactica theme by Stu Phillips (whom he supposedly consulted with the original maestro himself to get the score notes...that screams mad respect in my book ) is a riveting and loving tribute to the original.

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