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Default EMH Backup Module

I was watching the Ep. Gravity the other day and thought to myself remember all the times that the Doc was like my program could be lost and gets all worried all the time about it? Well I was also watching the Ep. Where the Doctors Backup Module is found on a planet VOY helped out and it's his full program and it's still functions 700 years later underground. So to the point of this whole post is why is the Doctor so worried about losing his program if the backup module would have his program pretty much updated to the second he went offline? Even if he was in the mobile emitter his program would have been the same as the last time we transfered out of VOY computer. So to end the whole thread even if they lost Paris and Tuvok wouldn't they still have the Doctors backup? And the time that he left for the alpha quadrant they would've had the back-up? And the time he wanted to leave the ship to sing on that planet? And all the other times that i can't think of off hand?
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