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Originally Posted by Admiral Rand View Post
I just saw this ep. [t]he other day...He [Jellico] is more like "Oh well you had a three shift and it worked great for 5 years and changing it to a four shift would cause a lot of problems and make people who trusted eachother work with people they don't know and don't have faith that they would do there job. Well I don't give a S*** what you think..."

...Not only that but after he talked to Geordi and was like do all this stuff to the warp core in two days. And then Data was like it will take all your man power and working double shifts and all that. Later Geordi talks to Riker and says he re assigned a third of his department to Security. That makes sense...
I saw the episode recently, too. I seem to recall a scene in which Jellico says to someone - maybe Picard before he leaves the ship - that Jellico feels that the Enterprise crew is too soft, or words to that effect; i.e., that when the crunch comes in battle against the Romulans they won't be able to get the job done. I think Jellico's trying to shock the Enterprise crew into "shape", to get them ready for war if there is one.

The error that Jellico makes in this assessment, I think, is that Picard tends to find diplomatic solutions to problems, rather than shooting his way out. So Jellico probably thinks Picard and his crew aren't war-like enough.

Evidently Jellico hasn't read his Sun Tzu since he graduated from the Academy.
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