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I honestly thought to myself that this show stunk at first. But, after letting it sit a few years, I watched it again. I just finished the last episode two days ago. It really is too bad that they cancelled the show. Granted, season 1 was a little slow, but I liked the whole Xindi plot/arc. Seasons 3 and 4 were just superb, especially season 4. I liked how an "episode" spanned two or three airings and allowed characters to be developed more. I thought that they REALLY had something going there. Right before they announced the show would be cancelled I was in South America for a few years and didn't finish it until I got back two years ago. After watching it for the past month and a half (couple episodes a day), I really, really enjoyed where this show was going. A lot of people said that they didn't like DS9, and I didn't at first either. I think the same thing happened with Enterprise. It takes a couple of seasons to really get the show going. TNG was the same way for me. I've now watched every episode of every show (I started last summer) and I have to say DS9 and Enterprise are my favorites. If you only watched Enterprise once, watch it again. You'll be suprised. Same with DS9 and/or Voyager. I hope that someday we get a new series, but I think it's good to let it rest some. This movie might get things going again, who knows. Anyway, I agree with the original poster in that this was too good of a show to be canceled. At any rate, I can't wait for the new movie. HURRY UP 2009!!!
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