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Originally Posted by Livingston View Post

Hope they do better because they're monitoring the ratings on the Gateworld Forum and it's apparently dropping steadily as is SGU. The negativity against SGU is so massive the owner of Gateworld is now attempting regulate the SGU bashing on the web site and has even restructured the Forum in kind.

You still watching SGU, Saq? I just can't get into that show. Every once in awhile they have a decent episode but everything is just so coma toast, nothing seems to happen. To me, speaking of BSG it seems that on SGU they're going for that dark, gritty depressing mood of BSG, but that's not Stargate. It just doesn't feel like stargate.
You are not lying. I promised to stick with the show for an entire season before I let it go some I'm still..."On board" but this is one of the most boring shows I've ever seen. So little happens every week. (which isn't necessarily bad) I'm just pulling out my hair at why they do somethings, why do the Fans like this show and why am I supposed to like SGU.

I love character driven plots but something still has to happen. You can't neglect the principle plot concerns either. Creating contrivances to cover over plot holes doesn't look that much better than the plot hole itself. It seems so lazily and I heard they did this show LITERALLY to keep a certain writer on board and go where Stargate hasn't gone before.

Man, I miss Atlantis!
I miss the fun, the innocence, the lovable characters and the warm fuzzy moments like when Ronon hugs Shepperd when they leave Atlantis or when Carson dies or when Weir died. The Greatness of the city....the battles...oh the battles.

Rising, Adrift, First Strike...were some favorites....and I'll always love them.


But there is a different between thing written as history for our instruction and things vividly shown to us for...entertainment. That goes for the Passion of the Christ too. The point of the Bible isn't to entertain by shock value it's to learn a lesson. There is no entertainment factor at all in the me it's not that exciting as a book after you get passed Genesis.

They need some kind of rating system because I'm just ready to stop watching Sci Fi period because of this network. I don't want to be offended in my own home. I just want to watch good exciting shows.

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