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Originally Posted by Roysten View Post
I remember us discussing the crazy TMP timeline in another thread, the chronology whilst being official is a bit silly, it puts a year happening between WOK (2284), SFS (2285) and TVH (2286) where they probably all happen over the course of a year at most.
I think the current consensus is that TMP took place in 2273 (thanks to a line in the TNG episode "Q2"). TWOK and TSFS took place in 2285, while TVH took place in 2286.

So, there are about 12 years between TMP and TWOK, enough time for a five-year mission, Kirk supposedly retiring and returning to head up the Academy, and the Enterprise being assigned as a training vessel under Captain Spock.

Of course, now that we know Kirk's canon birth year (2233), we can say he was actually celebrating his 52nd birthday in TWOK!
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