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Originally Posted by Chris Fawkes View Post
I think though it is more for the business model. For example the rest of us would not even consider sitting down to a coffee in a paper cup but consider amongst the thousands of stores starbucks have the amount of cups that are not been washed.


You will also notice that any time Americans talk of food the subject centres upon a franchise. That is their culture. Not saying that is wrong but when the rest of the world thinks of quality food a franchise does not come to mind.
Good observation. Here in Görmony Coffee to Go had a hard time to get accepted and still has the image of being something for wanna-be business man, who pretend to be hard working people but leave the impression of just being to lazy, to tasteless and to chaotic to take a seat and enjoy real coffee in a real cup with some real cookies. Damn, thats what coffee is supposed to be. Imagine a Wine to Go! Barbary. Or Whiskey in a paper cup!
The paper cup is the main reason american coffee tastes so horrible. Its the paper you taste. I am not kidding. Thats why one has to rape the coffee with caramel or spices, to overtone the paper taste.

However, Coffee to Go became a thing for students, especially here in Berlin. We have three universities and aproximatly a dozen libaries spread all over the town. Students often rush from one place to another. Now Coffee to Go is something for the poor exploited students.

And dont get me started on the franchise issue. This is really one of the cultural specials that perhaps only the U.S. have.
Again, good observation.

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