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As a kid I liked the 60ies TV-show because I was a kid and never heard of Batman before. I grew up in the GDR and loved comics. Thats a really odd situation, because comics in GDR or the whole eastern block where really childish. There where good comics, but nothing like the western superheroes or comic novells. When the wall came down (I was eleven years old) the first thing I did in West-Berlin was to check out a comic store and found "The Dark Knight".
First I didnt like it. But step by step I realized that the sixties TV-show was raping Batman. I got exited about the real Batman and read more and more comics, especially the pretty dark eighties stuff. I remember the one where Robin got killed by the Joker in a damn nasty way (he got beaten to death with an ironbar).

Round about the same time Tim Burtons Batman hit cinemas and I must say I liked that far darker and pretty gothic tone. And I just loved this rough and nasty Batmobile.

In summary my list is:

1. All the nasty and relatively brutal comics from the eighties (Joker being an insane bastard, Batman being a lonely Renegade on an illegal crussade of self-justice, Commisioner Gordon getting between the lines).

2. Christopher Nolans Batman (the closest we ever got to the "Real" Batman).

3. Frank Millers Commics (The First Year for instance)

4. Tim Burtons Batman and Batman Returns.

Thats it. All the other Batman movies just dont exist for me. And Goerge Clooney as Batman was a real pain in the back for me.
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