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Originally Posted by Kiko Kea View Post
Leila Kalomi was terribly done. She comes across as a lovesick teenager floundering after getting dumped who daydreams her life away- not a confident woman and scientist who is a good match for Spock. My take on The Other Side of Paradise was that Spock was attracted to her and the spores had allowed him to embrace those feelings for her he had buried. I cannot see how he would even look twice at the character in the book. I don't even think Jim 'Anything In A Skirt' Kirk would have bothered.
That's exactly what she was like in "This Side of Paradise", so any complaints you have (which I agree with) should be against the writers of that episode. Which is why she never seemed like a good match for Spock,IMO. Who knows, if she had been someone like Amanda or Perin, someone able to understand Vulcans and read their emotions, it might have worked. Leila seemed to want Spock to always be the way he was when he was under the influence of spores.
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