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Originally Posted by Beetlescott View Post
She is in some of the DS9 novels, i'm not sure wich. I think she is in the Avatar series of books. I have them, but I havn't read them yet. I am very glad to have had Kira in the series.
She's a "regular" in the relaunch, so she's probably in all of the relaunch books, apart from those that are side stories about particular characters (The Lives of Dax, A Stitch in Time, The Left Hand of Destiny, The Never-Ending Sacrifice...)... unless something happens to her or she leaves or something, which I wouldn't know since I'm only halfway through the relaunch (I'm about to start the Mission Gamma books). She was in Avatar 1/2, Abyss and Demons of Air and Darkness, and there is no reason for her not to be in the Mission Gamma books, especially since she's one of the characters on the book covers.

The original cover of the 4 Mission Gamma books with the regular and 'recurring' characters of the DS9 relaunch (spoilers for the relaunch):
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