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I'm glad you enjoyed it Scotty971. Maybe I'll go back and read it again one day, but I was disappointed the first time. A large part of the book focuses on other characters that I did not come to care about. That space could have been better used to flesh out the story of the two couples it was supposed to be focused on.

Carol Marcus was portrayed well, however the author skimmed over her pushing Kirk away after finding herself knocked up. It was like a whole chapter was missing- I went back and re-read that part to see if I'd missed something, but I hadn't. It just wasn't in there.

Leila Kalomi was terribly done. She comes across as a lovesick teenager floundering after getting dumped who daydreams her life away- not a confident woman and scientist who is a good match for Spock. My take on The Other Side of Paradise was that Spock was attracted to her and the spores had allowed him to embrace those feelings for her he had buried. I cannot see how he would even look twice at the character in the book. I don't even think Jim 'Anything In A Skirt' Kirk would have bothered.

Anyway, Spock spends his days at the Vulcan Embassy Garden waiting until he can get back on his ship, and Kalomi spends her days there waiting for Spock. He's pretty much in character, but too stiff and cold. We get very little of what is going on in his head. Too bad because there is a wealth of stuff going on..or should be. A missed opportunity to deal with the emotions he has buried.

And the ending is terrible, mirroring the whole plot. You can see what's going to happen a lightyear away. It just fizzles. Sounds harsh, I know, especially when we need good TOS book sales to encourage the publisher. But, I've read far better fan fiction. If I hadn't paid money for it, I would not have bothered finishing it.

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