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Originally Posted by janeway72 View Post
Was Season 3 worth £26 then, Kevin?
I'm a completist anyway so I would have bought the remastered versions anyway and it does have episodes I like - 'The Tholian Web', 'All our Yesterday's', 'The Empath' and a few others.

Given here they don't usually go into the sales much then £26 is actually a pretty good price for the set.

I paid £29.99 last week online for them.

Originally Posted by horatio View Post
Overall the third season is clearly the weakest but it's not like TOS became an entirely different show in it's last year and there are quite some memorable episodes like Savage Curtain or Let That Be Your Last Battlefield. The 3rd season space hippies episode isn't really worse than the 1st season salt-sucker-monster-of-the-week episode so I'd claim that in TOS, like in all Trek series, it depends on the single story. The average quality differences between seasons (or even entire shows if one wants to compare the five series) is far smaller than the quality difference among single episodes.
True, if one averages it out over Trek as a whole - but I had merely noticed (not for the first time but it just popped back in) that the first season (and the second slightly less so) has the higher percentage of those episodes normally regarded (within fandom as well as without in the wider media) as being more emblematic of what Star Trek was supposed to be about.

'Balance of Terror', 'CoTEOF', 'Tribbles', 'Babel' etc -

If you look at (and there are obviously more than a few) a few 'top ten' lists that have been made over the years it often gets made up of primarily season 1 shows. About the only Season 3 show that gets mentioned is 'All our Yesterday's' and 'Battlefield'.

Obviously, we shouldn't forget the behind the scenes production troubles the third season had at the time and that's undeniably a factor - but I just found it interesting to note.

Originally Posted by jla1987 View Post
You know one episode that I've probably never seen in it's entirety and I NEVER hear anyone talk about?

"The Empath"

What's up with that? I mean if I could make a chart of most talked about episodes, that one is probably at the very bottom.
Yeah, it never comes up a lot and yet it's one of the one's I often remember - firstly because in the UK here it was never aired with the rest of the series and was banned because of content, secondly because it has a very memorable stark production design (yeah, the reality is probably because the show had zero budget left by then but the creative result of that works) and lastly because I kinda like it - but I have seen it get talked about from time to time.
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