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Originally Posted by Cabo 5150 View Post
Not sure I can agree with this, in their original form I think Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back are certainly two of the finest fantasy genre movies of all time, even if not strictly sci-fi.

Of course, every movie has issues, but the difference in quality between these and and any of the prequels is staggering.
Oh they're nowhere near sci-fi really, definitely closer to fantasy and I'm a huge Star Wars fan but I can't help but find it itself exceptionally simplistic storytelling of a very straightforward kind.

Of course, it's really all the complaining about Avatar's story being variously 'predictable', 'simple' etc, etc that reminded me how simple Star Wars also is, because although Avatar does have a simple story people tend to miss the point - epics and wannabe epics seldom have a complex story at their heart.

The comparison that some reviewers gave the two films is not undeserved. Both are pure cinema spectacle - with an easy peasy back of a postcard size story! (but I digress).....

Empire is good, great even (always interesting it's the one Lucas gave to others to write!) and Jedi suffers from common third film syndrome where some of the resolutions to all the various strands aren't quite as satisfying as might have been hoped from Empire.

I actually like the prequels focus on the politics of the Republic and the shift to Palpatine driving much of the story. It's a generally darker trilogy and has big faults but I really don't see that Lucas could (storywise) have done a whole lot differently.

The big elements had already been pretty well theorised for years anyway. They genuinely aren't the best films of the entire saga but I do think the prequels get unfairly maligned at times and the original trilogy sometimes overly garlanded as well.
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