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Originally Posted by janeway72 View Post
However, you make sweeping generalisations about the whole Catholic Church. That is unfair on the tens of millions of honest, law abiding Roman Catholics. The Church is the people of God, it is not the institution. I do believe that there are those in high up positions in the Church who had no knowledge of individual events and there are those who did. And those who did know should be called to account.
However many of the Catholic teaches are quite clearly in oposite to the bible.

But that doesn't mean it is dangerous or its believers are automatically bad!

It's just not correct, the Catholic Church in many aspects is a lot like the Pharisee in the bible. There are many rituals and traditions that are oposite to Jesus teachings. Now they are not dangerous anymore, in the past they were used by the mighty to strengthen their position and justify violence, supression etc.pp.
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