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Originally Posted by janeway72 View Post
Are you trying to tell me that no one in the Protestant Church or in any other faith is a child abuser? Don't get me wrong, the people who covered it up are as culpable as the perpetrators of these crimes. If I used the word "mistake" then I was wrong because abusing children is not a mistake, it is a crime and a heinous one at that.

There are people in top jobs in the Catholic Church who have clearly been wrong, possibly naive, and in some cases criminal. But that does not mean that the entire Church is corrupt or that individuals are not living up to the expectations of God. In the same way, everyone who works in a bank is not responsible for the financial collapse.

Yes, I agree that Christians are supposed to live moral lives and are supposed to follow God's commands. Are Westboro Baptist Church living out God's commands when they are causing further distress to bereaved relatives at the funeral of US sevice men? Are Protestant Christians living out God's ideal when they threaten to bomb abortion clinics. Is Pat Robertson showing love for his enemies when he states on national TV that Haiti deserved what it got when an earthquake strike. As a very famous religious leader once said: "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!"

Of course I am not saying Catholics are the only molestors in churchers. In my very last post I acknowledged that by comparison. I have NO tolerance for child abuse of any kind and I'd hope for a similar reaction from anyone, I know TOO MANY victims of these kind of crimes, it changes a life forever, any chance to be normal is gone. As a child of this kind of physical abuse I refuse to stand by and do and say nothing as the abusers are protected by a corupt system of religion. Don't expect me to give an abuser and his enabler sympathy.

Looking away is a crime. It is neglence. These are not isolated cases the facts prove that. This is systmatic of the church. Janway, that is too many kids, too many kids! It's too many priest, to many commiting the crime and too many looking the other way and the most unbelievable stat is that the numbers of those looking away are 4x of that or more of the abusers. They either weren't instructed properly, were told to look the other way or took it upon themselves and it's highly unlikely even half of these priest looking the other way did so of their own initiative. It's understood. There isn't a memo you'll find for relocating these priest. But it was done and it was done repeatedly to where they went right back into contact with children. Discusting.

Why didn't they stop it?
Why did it have to become public knowledge from them to take action?
Look at the number of people enabling these abusers, you're saying they're opperating under HOLLY SPIRIT? Is that what you're telling me?

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