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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
I agree that specific criticism cannot be too harsh in the case of sexual abuse and the cover-up.
But your general criticism of Catholicism doesn't achieve anything. When I was a kid, ......One has to find the common ground and not emphasize the differences.
Oh I disagree in a large way. The rap sheet of Catholicism is quite long ranging from instigating religious war, complicity with the Axis Power and now this which we've been dealing with it for quite a time longer than the members want to accept.

Consider that this is supposed to be a representation of God's government in heaven here on the Earth. God's cardinal attributes are represented by "The Four Living Creatures" that enclose his throne, The Bull, The Man, The Eagle, The Lion: Strength, Love, Wisdom and Nobility or Justice.
So over the past 1,500 years. Mistakes are a given but would you count these as minor lapses in Wisdom or Justice?

Some one, I believe, Janway, said all of humanity makes such mistakes.
Do any of you believe that all of humanity represents God?
If so then how do you stay in harmony with Jesus who said the "Kingdom" he represents "is no part of this world"? How do you resolve this carelessness and apathy with the "Love" that christians are supposed to be known for?

Is reducing the perfect nobility of God's government down to the lowest possible human denominator really the proper representation of his ideals? Are they not meant to be higher if not significantly higher?

Originally Posted by kevin View Post
All the rationalising in the world (headlines etc) still absolutely fails to make up for the systematic protection afforded to the guilty by said Church.

Of course it's horrible when anyone does it, of course it's also been covered up in other institutions and of course we all have a touch of faux moral outrage about us all - and of course the Church is a popular target for the media (it shouldn't be above any criticism anyway) but let's not forget it's culpability and it doesn't deserve a get out of jail card by way of diverting the attention back onto those who exposed it's behaviour in the first place.

It's in this mess because it protected the guilty across decades and all the diffusion in the world really doesn't change that.
I certainly do have a sense of outrage about this. I can accept that individuals are capable of anything but with these numbers, these staggering numbers of abuse cases in every country. 450 cases alone in Los Angeles. 100 one man in Fall River. 200 deaf boys abused in Wesconsin.

These are American samples. Most of these are allegations or cases but this is the largest Christian organization in the world of 1 billion members and thousands of priest. To put these cases in terms of percentages complete undermines the numbers we're talking about. The numbers are staggering. Instead of a firm hand the church let this become an epidemic that is bankrupting churches every where.

I for one am not willing to look at the organization, this culture that is professing to be ordained by God...look at these cover-ups and in one sweeping motion concluded: It's the same amount as every other insitution. It shouldn't be like ...every other institution.

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