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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
All the rationalising in the world (headlines etc) still absolutely fails to make up for the systematic protection afforded to the guilty by said Church.

Of course it's horrible when anyone does it, of course it's also been covered up in other institutions and of course we all have a touch of faux moral outrage about us all - and of course the Church is a popular target for the media (it shouldn't be above any criticism anyway) but let's not forget it's culpability and it doesn't deserve a get out of jail card by way of diverting the attention back onto those who exposed it's behaviour in the first place.

It's in this mess because it protected the guilty across decades and all the diffusion in the world really doesn't change that.
I'm not in anyway defending the perpetrators or the hierarchy in the Church who covered up for the perpetrators, but the whole Church is not corrupt because of it. There are many in the Church who knew nothing of it and covered up nothing. However, those who committed the crimes and those who covered it up should be hung out dry.

I have to say that I take my hat off to the Archbishop who has exposed the covering up by the then Cardinal Ratzinger. That must have been hard and will cost him dearly if he had any plans to go higher in the Church but he has done the right thing. Though maybe it would have been better to mention it while Ratzinger was just a Cardinal.

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