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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
I have grown up in a Catholic environment and experienced nothing but warmth and love and I wouldn't hesitate one moment to send my kids into a Catholic kindergarten.
The problems of Rome are obvious and one cannot deny a potential connection between celibacy, sexual neuroses and sexual abuse ... but they hardly justify general Catholic bashing.
Jesus would never condone this "silly my church is better than your church" or "my religion is better than your religion" stuff.

Agreed! Couldn't have put it better myself. Though I'm not as convinced as you are by the idea that celibacy drives people to sexual deviancy. I would, however, not discount the idea that people with those tendencies have often gone into the Church to avoid the issues,

I would also agree with what you said earlier that abuse happens in all society and the media just prefer this type of abuse as it makes better headlines.

I know loads of Catholics who would never condone abuse or the covering up of abuse. Christianity in all it's guises should be about loving God and loving your neighbour as yourself. Jesus said these are the two most important commandments.

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